Andrew Anisimov


Andrew Anisimov

Translator (expertise: General, IT, Business&Finance)

Translation Project Manager

more than 8 years of translation experience

Who We Are

Every moment of our life and business activity requires a language. "Good words" and a "nice style" are the things familiar for us since we were kids but still, social intercourse is pleasurable only with those who know the true meaning of these phrases and how to use them.

We translate the following languages:
English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, German. 

Professionals experienced in various language areas work at our company.

If you need to have something translated within our competence, feel free to email us and a quality outcome is guaranteed.

We provide educational service in the above languages. Money is charged not for teaching things written in dictionaries but for teaching to understand, think and express ideas in a language.

We have answers.  

Translation Services