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Language Price for Written Translation
from a Foreign Language into Russian/Ukrainian   
Price for Written Translation
from Russian/Ukrainian into a Foreign Language
English USD 0,07 per source word or $21 per 1 standard page of 300 words 1 line of 60 characters of the original text costs USD 0,70.
1000 words of the original text cost USD 70
1000 characters without spaces cost USD 11
1000 characters with spaces cost USD 10
1500 characters with spaces cost USD 15

The prices are specified for 1 standard page of a source text of 1800 characters with spaces or 300 words.

The price includes formatting of the material for original standard.

The price doesn't include scietific proofreading of translated text by the other person. Scietific proofreading of translated text by another translator is a subject for 30% surcharge.

Upon price estimation request, the client is provided with detailed description of the order's statistics including the volume (number of characters and pages), price and deadlines.

Specified rates are subject to change and the exact price depends on the linguistic complexity and subject matter, total order, the need for lead-out or involvement of native speakers , as well as long-term coopeation and, ultimately, is determined after a thorough review of the documents for translation.


At an average, 2500 words of source text per one working day, depending on the complexity of the original (about 6-8 standard pages of 1800 characters with spaces of the translation text).


USD 0,02 per 1 word.
If the page has large number of egregious errors, the indicated price can vary upwards.


Given the level of the text quality provided - from USD 2.5 per 1800 characters with spaces (1 page). Deadlines - the minimum possible. 
I work with the most complex types of handwriting and different subjects, as well as formulas and tables of any complexity in the programs MS Excel, Word.
NOTE. The final price is determined only after reviewing the source material, its volume, quality, and the timing requirements of the order.


I have one of the lowest prices for a high quality of transcript: from USD 2.8 per minute of recording. 

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